468 Yards Later…
There are long drives, and then there is this attempt from Marc Muklewicz

What’s the longest drive you’ve ever hit?

The meat-head question often surfaces on the golf course and at Golden Tee machine, and typically your answer is 20-25 yards further than it actually is.

Don’t worry, bro. Your secret is safe with us.

But when it comes to long drives in the Golden Tee world, Minnesota’s Marc “The Mouth” Muklewicz is often testing the limits on par-4s that were not considered reachable. Well, until they have been reached.

“Mouth drove it” is a phrase that has been used tirelessly—sometimes in jest, sometimes not—because even if he can’t reach, he’ll waste a ball trying. In the case of his drive on the Bear Lodge 14, the hazard was never in play, although we didn’t think the green was, either.

468 yards later… he was right up alongside the short stuff. “Mouth drove it” doesn’t exactly play, but goodness gracious is it close.

Golden Tee PGA TOUR 2023
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