Swerving ‘Round Sequoias
A Fascinating Shot (And Ace) on a Fascinating Hole

It’s a shot that has been done before, and one that has been attempted many, MANY more times. When the conditions match the setup and there’s a magnificent shot to match, however, one of the more intriguing holes in Golden Tee 2013 can be tackled in a creative way.

A really creative way.

Hole 13 on Sequoia Grove has a distinct path (well, opening) to get to or near the cup. But it’s not the only way. As the shot below shows us, going around the giant trees is an option if the wind is working in your favor.

If not… good luck trying it. In fact, you’re better off trying the ol’ low-tee-through-the-tee routine if it’s not there. Otherwise—as cool and wonderful as this is—the likely result will be, well, different. Let’s just leave it at that.

Golden Tee PGA TOUR 2023
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