Brian Urlacher on Golden Tee
The Recently Retired NFL Star Talks About His Favorite Bar Game

Future NFL Hall of Famer Brian Urlacher has always been an enormous fan of Golden Tee. And now that he has retired from the game of football, No. 54’s virtual golf game could see a dramatic improvement with ample free time on his hands.

Urlacher did an interview with Yahoo! reporter Graham Bensinger, and much of this time was spent playing the Golden Tee 2013 situated in Urlacher’s house. From what he shoots, to his encounters with Peter Jacobsen on the game (and off it), to his passion for the game itself, check out one of Golden Tee’s biggest fans—and yeah, he’s still rather large— as he talks GT while giving the game a spin.

Also, you can now play against Urlacher—and, well, everyone—at your home thanks to the Golden Tee Home Edition which has gone online! For information and pricing, visit

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