No. 54 Gets 2014
Golden Tee’s Good Buddy Brian Urlacher Gets 2014 at His Home

Former Chicago Bear and future NFL Hall of Famer, Brian Urlacher, has a bit more time on his hands these days now that his playing days are over. And when he’s not playing golf or relaxing with his family, there’s a good chance he’s playing Golden Tee.

Urlacher loves Golden Tee, and he's pretty good at it, too. He's a finesse player, a thumb putter and has learned a lot in his 10+ years of playing. No. 54 also just got his hands on the 2014 update, and this means his home game is fully loaded.

It also means you'll likely be seeing plenty of "Brian U" on the leaderboards.

Although Urlacher loves his cabinet—and also the chair situated at just the right height so he can give his knees a break—a Golden Tee Home Edition Showpiece is on the horizon. For now, however, he can focus on the 2014 lineup and what it will take to concur Shady Acres.

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