World Ranking Rewind
Looking Back at August and Looking Ahead to the Final Monthly Battle on 2013

After this month, the Golden Tee World Rankings will change. The format will remain the same—with your best score one each course counting towards your score—only the courses will be different.

Yes, Golden Tee 2014 is coming, which means September will close out the 2013 cycle. If the scores from August are any indication, you can expect BIG numbers, especially near the top on the final GT World Rankings on the current creations.

Houston’s Mark Stenmark took home top honors on the August leaderboard with a five-course average score of -30.00. This effort included two (!!!) -31s, which will certainly help out the monthly average.

Not bad, not bad at all.

The top 10 was as follows.

Overall, 8,642 players received a GT World Ranking, which shows up at the payment screen on all Golden Tee LIVE 2013s and also on the online leaderboard.

Whether you’re looking to take a swing at the top 10, trying to be the best in your bar, or simply looking to see where you stack up against the rest of the Golden Tee world, just playing one game on each 2013 course and you’ll have a rank.

Improve your score throughout the month and improve your positioning. A bad game won’t hurt you once you’ve met the minimum requirements.

Celebrate the end of 2013 with the Golden Tee World Rankings.

2014 is coming.

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