Rollin’ Right Along
Check Out the SSB World Rankings from August and Take Advantage of a Fresh Start!

5,406 bowlers received their Silver Strike World Ranking during the month of August, and if you didn’t receive yours, you’re missing out. Play 10 live games throughout the month and you’ll have a ranking.

That’s it. That’s all it takes to show up on the online leaderboard—the world’s most competitive bowling thermometer. Your top 10 games for the month will then be averaged, giving you an overall score for that particular month.

Translation: A bad game won’t hurt you once you’ve reached the minimum.

In the month of August, the competition near the top of the leaderboard was as intense as it has ever been. The top score was 279.20, just a smidge in front of our second place score of 278.80.

The top 10 was as follows.

So what are you waiting for?

Whether you’re gunning for the top overall spot, looking to be the best in your bar or simply looking for bragging rights over your buddy—and who doesn’t want this?—find a SSB LIVE game near you and start rolling.

We're starting new in September.

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