Silver Strike Year in Review
Strikes, Games, Red Pins and More! Bests and Totals from SSB in 2013

It’s been a big year for Silver Strike LIVE. In fact, when you dive deep into the numbers, it’s been a really big year.

The incredible ITnet team has dug deep into the SSB database, pulling numbers, bests and totals from the previous year.

How many strikes were hit? SPOILER: A LOT. What was the highest series score? SPOILER: HIGH. And what were the most games played by one person? SPOILER: LOTS.

Here are the numbers that matter from 2013. Nick job, Silver Strikers.


Total Strikes: 8,388,680

Total Score: 438,296,610

Total Series Score: 141,069,303

Total Games Completed: 2,522,661

Total Red Pin Strikes: 187,432

Highest Series Score: 846

Highest Spare Challenge Score: 298

The 2013 Total Average Score: 173.74

Most Games By a Single Person: 5,202 (Good for an average of more than 14 per day. Wow! Nicely done!)


Happy New Year, and we can't wait to see what you accomplish in 2014!

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