En Fuego in May
Recapping The Golden Tee World Rankings from the Previous Month

That escalated quickly. And by “that,” of course, I mean the May Golden Tee World Rankings.

The top of last month’s leaderboard were ridiculous as some of the game’s best put forth a fantastic showing.

How good? Well, this good.


Texas trackballer Ed Godfrey claimed top honors, clipping North Carolina’s Paul Tayloe in Great Shot Points. Houston’s Mark Stenmark—a regular at the top of the rankings—came in the third with an average of -29.20. Missouri’s Evan Gossett and Ohio’s Andy Haas also fired off -29.20s to round out the top five.

And it wasn’t just the top five. The entire first page was filled with fantastic averages.

Altogether, more than 9,900 players received their GT World Ranking in May. This average can be found on the online leaderboard as well as the payment screen on all Golden Tee 2013 cabinets.

Looking to obtain your ranking? It’s easy.

Simply play each Golden Tee 2013 course once—using your GT LIVE or credit card to sign in—and you’re all set. Your best scores on each course will then be averaged and your total score will be ranked against Golden Tee players around the world. Once you’ve hit the five-game requirement, a bad game won’t hurt you.

Monitor your progress throughout the month (and month to month) and see where you stack up!

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