Classic Course of the Week: Spotlight 2008
Vote on Which Vintage Creations You’d Like to Play Before the Fun Kicks off July 1

Rustic Bridge and Indigo Mound, welcome to the club.

These 2007 Golden Tee gems received the most fan votes on the Golden Tee Facebook Page, and they will be added to the Classic Course of the Week pool.

Four down, eight to go.

Starting July 1, Golden Tee fans will again be able to tee it up on 12 vintage course creations. A new course will be played each week, and your best score will be displayed on the Classic Course of the Week Online Leaderboard.

Up for grabs will be trackball bragging rights—and who doesn’t want those—as well as Golden Tees. Before we get there, however, we need to figure out the rest of the courses.

With Golden Tee 2005 and 2007 out of the way, we move on to Golden Tee 2008.

Eagle Crest, Cypress Cove, Bayou Bay, Summit Lakes, and Misty Springs are the available options—now, which ones would you like to see in this year’s Classic Course of the Week?

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