Classic Course of the Week: Take Your Pick
What was Your Favorite 2007 Course? Vote Today on the GT Facebook Page!

One down, five to go.

The first vote for this year’s lineup of Golden Tee Classic Course of the Week is complete, and Heather Point and Kangaroo Trail were the 2005 courses to receive the most support on the Golden Tee Facebook Page.

They will be two of the 12 courses featured on July 1st when Classic Course of the Week returns. Beginning at the start of the month, twelve vintage Golden Tee courses—from GT 2005, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010 and 2011—will take center stage for a week.

In that time, your best score on each course will be featured on the online leaderboard. Once the week is complete, a new course will be featured. The top 200 finishers will walk away with pride as well as Golden Tees.

We’ll get to the payouts as July 1 nears, but for now we need to decide the courses.

Next up, Golden Tee 2007: Rustic Bridge, Palm Springs, Indigo Mound, Moose Landing and Glacier Ranch.

Which would you like to play? Voting will stay open until Friday, at which point we will have two more courses and Golden Tee 2008 will be up.

Visit and Vote today!

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