Golden Tee 2013: Introducing CupCam
One of the Game’s Greatest Moments Just Got Even Better

You know this moment well. Your spin has been selected (or not), your hand has glided over the trackball, and the ball has left the club. At this point, there’s nothing more you can do, well, other than hit the Quick Shot Button to speed along this process which is now completely out of your hands.

You can see the pin getting closer and closer.

Whether you’ve pressed Quick Shot or not, what happens next is a great mystery. You know right away if the shot felt “right” and if you should alert your buddy spacing out over your shoulder. You can just feel it. This is why Golden Tee is better than any golf game on the planet; because it feels good, and your truly superb trackball efforts feel even better.

As you watch to see the results, you anticipate the wind, the break of the green, and how any spin could impact your shot. Your ball touches down, and for that instant you hope that somehow the ball will find the bottom of the cup. Whether it’s a hole-in-one on a par-5 or an 11-foot chip to save birdie, these are the moments that make Golden Tee great.

And in 2013, these moments just got a whole lot more interesting.

The addition of CupCam has made its way into Golden Tee 2013, and your approaches will now have a zoomed-in camera to give you a better feel of your shot as it’s (hopefully) tracking toward the pin.

The close calls and the ones that actually fall will bring on more suspenseful moments, and you’ll have a front-row look at it all. Whether you’re rolling it in or spinning it back, you’ll see the game and the desired destination in a much different light.

Between this change and the improved graphics and technology making its way into GT, the presentation has received a welcomed overhaul.

“Those moments when your ball may or may not go into the cup are the most exciting seconds in Golden Tee,” said project manager Brian Jandula. “CupCam only enhances this, and you’ll notice a significant change on your very first shot into the first green.”

It won’t impact the way you play or how often these balls drop, but it’ll make the ones that do that much sweeter.

Fall can’t get here soon enough… 

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