First YouTube of 2013
A Taste of How the Giant Sequoia Trees Feel With Eagle on the Line

OK, so the shot didn’t go in. But you have to admit that it was still pretty solid.

This, my friends, is the first YouTube to hit the web from Golden Tee 2013. It comes to you from Sequoia Grove, and while it doesn’t end up in the cup I was more than pleased with this effort. My first shot to get me tucked behind a ginormous tree? Well, that’s a different story. I didn't NEED to go through the other giant trees, but sometimes you just need to be flashy.

No big deal...

We’ve profiled Sequoia recently on the site, and we’ll be exploring the rest of the 2013 courses in the coming weeks. Many more tidbits, YouTubes and other news items to come – stay tuned for more, and please leave tips (of the dollard variety) for my solid GT efforts on the way out.

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