The Sweet Sound of GT 2013
For the Third Time Since LIVE Launched, Golden Tee Gets a New Theme Song

Before you ever hit a shot or select a course, you’ll notice a significant difference in Golden Tee 2013. Yes, the graphics have received a significant upgrade, but you’ll be greeted something new before you noticed the upgraded pixels.

GT has a new tune.

For the 3rd time since LIVE launched, Golden Tee has a new theme song. This is the first change to come in a few years, although it’s one the development team was excited about making.

“It was time,” said Audio Director/Composer Matt Kern. “We loved the previous versions in the game, but 2013 was the perfect opportunity for something different.”

The first two theme songs were actually quite similar to one another. The song currently in the game was a refreshed version of the song that launched in the original LIVE. That’s not the case in 2013.

The tune has received a dramatic facelift, and Kern had the task of more or less starting from scratch when it came to the new jingle.

“We wanted to do something that catches you immediately,” Kern says. “We think this will become as much of the game as the previous versions and we’re very happy with how it turned out.”

What does the new theme sound like? We have a taste of it right here. Actually, we have more than just a taste. You now have the PERFECT music to do push-ups at your desk to.


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