This is How You "Ship It"
A Creative Shot on the Dusty Bend 8th That Was Drawn Up Perfectly

The Dusty Bend 8th has more bite than bark.

On the surface it looks somewhat simple – and in reality, it is – but there’s depth to this design. Come up short and, well, you’re in the lumber yard. There are sand traps short and long and the green (and spin selection) can prove to be a bit tricky depending on the wind.

Do you go right at it? Do you play it safe on the left side of the green? Do you shoot it straight over the water and hope it sticks? OR… do you try something completely different.

There are birdies and then there are BIRDIES. Sure our good pal “Ship It” nestled his first one in the water. He followed that up with some Golden Tee greatness, however. Perfection below…

Golden Tee PGA TOUR 2023
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