A Casual Enhancement
More Clothing Options and a New Way to Pick ‘Em Debuts in Golden Tee 2013

Don’t worry, casual golfers. We haven’t forgotten about you. In fact, we’ve got good news when it comes to Golden Tee 2013.

If you’ve grown tired of wearing the same simple clothing items, you’re in luck. In Golden Tee 2013 we’re beefing up the available options in Casual Mode, which will give plenty of variety from game to game.

You’ll have 10 shirts, hats, pants (or shorts) and shoes to select from each game and these will then change the next time you play. You don’t know what you’ll get, but it will be different and there’s plenty to pick from. Even if you’re playing Casual, your golfer can be far from it.

Not only that, but a new Customize Your Golfer option has been added, and you’ll have the option to use it at the start (and only at the start) of each game.

No need to go into the menu, you can change your gender and your clothing with a few button presses and off you go. PowerPutt LIVE players should recognize this right away.

It won’t help you get your approaches any closer, but you’ll save time and look better trying. Stay tuned for much more on Golden Tee 2013 on

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