Near Perfection
Off the Rock, Off The Pin, Nothing But (Almost) Cup

If you were directing a Golden Tee Great Shot as a movie, you would need a few things.

First, you need risk on that hole. Rocks, water, fire, rocket fuel, whatever, there needs to be a sense of danger. Next, you’d need chaos. You need something to come up unexpectedly and then perhaps an unexpected outcome to the already surprising outcome.

If you have these two things, you’re bound to create video gold whether the shot goes in or not. You’d like to see it fall, no question, but it doesn’t necessarily have to in order to be must-see GT.

Take the shot below, for example. It has it all, and it was ALMOST a Shot of the Year contender. Still very much worth your time…

 The rock, the pin and almost in.

Golden Tee PGA TOUR 2023
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