Golden Tee 2013: What's in Your Bag?
Check out the Two New Club Sets Have Been Added to Your Arsenal

New and improved graphics, new courses, and yes, new equipment – the high-performance library is getting some upgrades and additions in 2013, and you’ll have a new arsenal of items to attack the new courses come launch.

Let’s begin with the clubs, and in 2013 players will have two new options to pick from. Included below is some commentary from course designer Jim Zielinski on how each set could suit your game and the 2103 courses.

The Ballista Set

Jim Z Says… “Fairway woods have become incredibly popular in Golden Tee, and the Ballista’s 4 woods provide a lot of options on the many drivable par-4s and even par-3s. We’ve also added a 6-wood to this set for the first time ever in Golden Tee. Having a 310-yard driver in the bag could also be a huge bonus on longer holes.

The Tandem Set

Jim Z Says… “This is perhaps the most unique club set we’ve ever created, although we’re very excited about the potential. The Tandem set included a low-loft and a regular driver in the same bag, and we think that using these as well as Golden Tees could give you a ton of different loft options off of the tee. Two fairway woods and a 3-iron are also included, and this bag can give you more shot types than most. "

We'll reveal the three new virtual golf balls in Golden Tee 2013 soon, stay tuned to for much more!

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