Golden Tee 2013: The Way They Move
There are Three New Golf Balls in GT 2013 – Which One Suits Your Game?

You’ve seen the lineup of virtual golf clubs that will make their 2013 debut, and now it’s time to breakdown the other important part of this combination.

The new golf balls.

In 2013, we’re adding 3 new golf ball options to choose from, each of which has a distinct trait that could be perfect for your game or a particular course.

Here they are with some words of GT wisdom from Golden Tee course designer Jim Zielinski.


Jim Z Says… "This is the first time we’ve really adjusted the physics of the ball once it hits the ground, and the Bounder will certainly showcase this. The first bounce after it hits will be massive, and you’ll pick up extra distance on the following bounces as well. If you’re trying to reach look drivable par-4s or looking to maximize your distance, this is the ball for you."


Jim Z Says… "The Settler is the ball that I would play, only because I like to play it safe when it comes to shots into the green. Unlike the Bounder, this ball almost doesn’t bounce whatsoever and it will be a fantastic option if you want to throw darts into greens. It stays close to the ground and is a much more controlled golf ball. This, with the addition of Bite, gives players a really fantastic duo on tougher par-3s and par-4s."


Jim Z Says… “Unlike the other balls included, the Spectrum’s biggest attribute is what it does before it touches down. It carries longer than most golf balls but also keeps a lower trajectory. This give the player plenty of options when it comes to using Golden Tees, and the carry in the ideal wind can be significant. The ideal ball for elevation changes and perfect for the player that wants to show off with massive drives.”

Much more on Golden Tee 2013 to come. Stay tuned for for  much more as launch rapidly approaches.

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