Down Goes King Putt... Again
Steven Tirey's Ridiculous PowerPutt Run Continues With His Unthinkable -36

Well, that didn’t take long.

Less than one week after Ohio’s Steven Tirey posted a -35 on PowerPutt LIVE, he toppled that same number playing on the same course.

That’s right, the bar has been raised (well, lowered) yet again to -36.

Think about that for a second: Thirty-six under… on an 18-hole game of virtual mini-golf.

King Putt’s Tomb served as the spot for both of these monster games, and Tirey isn’t far off from the unthinkable perfect score. The best possible score one can get – meaning a hole-in-one is hit on each and every hole – is -39.

Tirey has a few strokes to go if he wants to hit that, but what he’s doing right now is downright batty. Here’s his hole-by-hole, including a look at his 19-under back nine.

Congrats to Steven (again!) and something tells me this isn't the last time we say that. 

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