Bell Rung
Randy Bell is the Latest to Hit a -30 in PowerPutt LIVE!

Shooting a -30 in PowerPutt LIVE requires a bit of everything. Most of all, however, it requires a solid serving of unquestionable skill.

By shooting this ridiculous score, a PowerPutter immediately goes from virtual mini-golfer to virtual mini-golf legend. More specifically, they immediately gain access to the 30 Under Club.

Alabama’s Randy Bell is the latest to accomplish this feat. Bell hit his -30 playing on Roadside 66 at The Cigar Room in Madison. In doing so, he becomes just the 26th player to reach that number since the game launched.

Congrats to Randy on his game, and welcome to the club!

Have you hit a -30 and aren't in the club? Send a photo (similar to the one you see of Randy) of you and the score on your game. Include your name, mailing address, and the location to

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