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Steven Tirey Fires off a -36, the Best PowerPutt Score of All-Time

It’s a number so absurd you’d assume it’s a typo. Make no mistake about it, however. The following round is very real.

Ohio PowerPutt player Steven Tirey is a name that has been featured on this website before. He’s a mini-golfing savant, and he’s also frequently found at the top of the Daily Contest Leaderboard.

He’s cracked -30 before, even fired off an unthinkable -35 earlier this year, but he’s taken his personal best one step further. How does -36 sound? That’s right, Tirey fired off a -36 on Bigfoot Bend to set yet another PowerPutt LIVE record. We’ve seen a -35 in Golden Tee as well, but never a number this low.

As a reminder, the best possible score one can shoot on Bigfoot Bend is -38. This means that Tirey missed out on only two shots throughout the entire round!

As for how the round went, here’s his hole-by-hole. Congrats to Steven on the superb game!

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