Teach me How to "Ship It!"
Conquering the Toughest Setup on the Toughest Hole in 2013

“Oh, that’s just lucky.”

That’s what the immediate response will be to the following shot below. Well, before you see the final score, of course. Andy Haas knows a thing or two about Golden Tee—he is a world champion after all—and he also showed us something about the Coconut Beach 18th.

With the pin placed in the front of the green, it’s nearly impossible to get to. Never has the word “nearly” been so important, and Andy proved that it can be done.

It'll take a leap of faith, however, and a favorable bounce.

How do you tackle the most difficult hole and the most difficult setup? Here’s how. Oh, and nice -29!

Golden Tee PGA TOUR 2023
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