Freaky Good Again
Steven Tirey’s Latest -35 on PowerPutt LIVE Takes Us to One of the Game’s Original Destinations

Shooting -35 is impossible. Well, as we’ve seen, it’s not impossible but very unlikely. It’s the round of a lifetime and it only surfaces when everything comes together in that one game on that one course.

Wrong again.

Ohio’s Steven Tirey is proving all of these theories wrong, and he’s added yet another -35 to his PowerPutt LIVE résumé. We saw him hit this ridiculous number while playing on King Putt’s Tomb only a short while back, and he has since upped the ante playing on Freaky Tiki—one of the PowerPutt originals.

Here’s what his round looked like, hole-by-hole. Seeing it unfold is even more ridiculous then just the thought of the round itself.

That’s A LOT of holes-in-one. Congrats to Steven on the round... again.

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