Down Goes King Putt
After Discussing the Perfect Round, We Nearly Saw it in a Daily Contest Game

The best possible score one can finish way on King Putt’s Tomb is a staggering -39.

We recently outlined how this round would look, and it would require a hole-in-one on every single par-3 and par-4 on the course. We figured such a feat would border the impossible, although now we’re not so sure.

Not after the round Ohio’s Steven Tirey hit in a PowerPutt LIVE Daily Contest.

Playing on King Putt, Tirey fired off an unthinkable -35. That’s not a typo, he was nearly perfect in his round.

And here’s what his 18-hole stretch looked like.

Congratulations to Steven on his ridiculous game, and be sure to check out the Daily Contest Leaderboard to see how you stack up.

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