Golden Tee 2013: From Head to Toe
From Pilot Helmets to Giveaway Codes, Your Virtual Wardrobe is about to get an Upgrade

It’s a special moment when Jim Nantz appears in the top right corner of your monitor or television screen.

Perhaps it was off a birdie, an eagle, or maybe you just finished high-fiving your buddy following a hole-in-one. Better yet, maybe you just teed off on the very first hole and Jim Nantz greeted you bringing good news on the virtual clothing front.

When Jim Nantz shows, you know you’re getting a new wardrobe item for your golfer. It’s one of the most satisfying moments in the game, and while we feel like giant nerds saying this, you can relate. Don’t lie, we know you can.

And yes, although this shouldn’t come as a surprise, Golden Tee 2013 is getting an entirely new arsenal of virtual clothing items. 90 new items have been added to the update, which means you’ll be seeing much more of Jim Nantz in the coming weeks.

Some of the highlights, and we won’t be giving away all the surprises, include: a dashing new helicopter helmet, a wide variety of warrior gear, the option of decking your golfer out in exaggerated clown hair and so much more.

As has become a tradition, we’ve also added new Giveaway Clothing items into the mix, which we will reveal on throughout the year. Trust us, you do not want to miss these.

Here’s a taste of some of the items to come, and make sure to clear room in your closet as the game approaches.

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