• Celebrate Accordingly
    Have the St. Paddy’s Day Giveaway Code Yet? If Not, Get it here!
  • 2013 Design-a-Hole Contest: The Time is Now!
    Get Your Dream Golf Hole in Golden Tee AND Win a Golden Tee For Your Home!
  • Ira Dean’s Golden Sound
    The Man that Brought You the GT Anthem is Set to Make his Mark on Country Music
  • Approaching Madness
    The 2012 Wisconsin Open is Almost Here, and it’s a Golden Tee Tournament You Don’t Want to Miss!
  • Good as Gold
    The Golden Tee 2012 St. Patrick’s Day Giveaway Code is now LIVE!
  • Introducing: Design-a-Hole 2013
    Draw up Your Dream Golden Tee Design and have a Chance at Winning Your OWN Game!
  • Ready For Launch
    Tune in Tomorrow as the 2013 Design-a-Hole Contest Goes LIVE
  • Silo Solution
    Trouble on the Dusty Bend 7th? Here’s One Way to Manage the Obstruction
  • It Only Takes One
    A Golden Tee First! Check Out this Super Albatross on the Grand Canyon 16th!
  • Four Down, One to Go
    Tundra Peak Gets the 30 Under Treatment from Someone You’d Expect
  • X Marks the Spot
    The Treasure Chest on Royal Cove Can Indeed be Your Friend
  • The 2012 Wisconsin Open
    March Madness and Golden Tee, What a Weekend it Will Be
  • By George!
    We’re Celebrating Presidents’ Day With One Fantastic Giveaway Code
  • Coming Soon: Design-a-Hole 2013
    Back and Better than Ever, This Year We’re Taking the Contest to Another Level
  • Projecting Greatness
    One Tennessee Restaurant Has Assembled One of the Finer GT Locations in all the Land
  • More Home Cookin’
    A Worthy Follow-Up to the Greatest Golden Tee Photo Ever Taken
  • Valentine’s Day Delight
    Our Giveaway Code Reminder and a Special Valentine from the Golden Tee Babe
  • Honoring Whitney Houston
    One of Golden Tee’s finest provides the Ultimate Whitney Tribute Moment
  • And We're Off
    North Carolina's David Duncan goes to wire-to-wire to win the first PEGT Tour event of the year
  • Big Man on Tee
    J.J. Watt is spending his first offseason in the NFL getting his Golden Tee game in order
  • Trick Chip Shots: 2.0
    A Week Dedicated to the Short Game Continues With This Resourceful Play on the Royal 16th
  • A First For the First
    The Presidents’ Day Giveaway Code is Now LIVE in Golden Tee 2012!
  • Trick Chip Shots
    Stuck Behind an Obstacle? Have no Fear, Just Give This a Try
  • Wear Your Hearts on your Sleeves
    Do you have the Valentine’s Day Giveaway Clothing Items Yet? If not, Get 'em Here!
  • Rank and Filed
    A Look at How the Golden Tee World Rankings Shaped Up for the Month of January
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