Going to Great Lengths
What Does a 424-Yard Hole-in-One Look Like? Well, Exactly Like This

How close was the following shot to being the longest hole-in-one we have ever seen? Three yards, to be exact. That’s it.

There are a handful of sometimes-drivable par-4s in Golden Tee 2013 that provide fascinating looks and trips to the green if the conditions are right. Although 400+ yards may seem like an impossible green to reach—and with a wind in your face it probably is—it can be done if things set up in your favor.

Well, it’ll require a brilliant bit of Golden Tee work, too.

Our latest ace travels an insane 424 yards, which is a) wow b) umm… wow and c) a long way from the tee box and a lot of Great Shot Points. This one actually carries 375 yards in the air, and then it keeps on rolling.

Here it is; one of the longest holes-in-one you will ever see. 

Golden Tee PGA TOUR 2023
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