DAH Finalist No. 7: The 19th Hole
Here’s a Tee Shot That Will Take Some Touch; a Design-a-Hole Finalist Unlike Any Other

The 2014 Design-a-Hole Finals are upon us, and our DAH judges have narrowed a group of more than 100 down to ten.

Over the next two weeks, we will reveal one finalist each weekday. Once you’ve seen and studied the design, your thoughts are both welcomed and encouraged on the Golden Tee Facebook Page. Our judges will then assess all feedback submitted while reexamining each design, and they will pick a winner in a matter of weeks.

All finalists will walk away with at least a $50 Gift Card, and you will be contacted once all designs have been revealed if your submission has been chosen. Once again, thank you to everyone who spent the time to both create and submit an entry. Narrowing it down was no easy task.

As we slowly slumber towards the finalist finish line, we get to finalist No. 7: a reachable par-4 that will take the perfect shot to get it done. Click to enlarge, and also be sure to read the description below.

The 19th Hole (Par-4) by Jim Little

This Short par 4 can be played for birdie by going down the middle of the fairway or you can take a change of bouncing one off the clubhouse and down the hill onto the green. The clubhouse sits at the same level as the first two sections of fairway while the third section of fairway and the green are down 15 yards. The trees surrounding the green are tall enough to block a direct shot onto the green but not so tall that the keep you from hitting the clubhouse. The green runs down 7* towards the creek and clubhouse.

What do you think? Share your thoughts on the Golden Tee Facebook Page?

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