Design-a-Hole 2014: And Here They Are
With the Finalists Revealed, The Yearly Contest is Ready for The Next Step

You did your part, now it’s our turn once again.

Over the past two weeks, we revealed this year’s batch of Design-a-Hole finalists. From tricky par-3s to lengthy par-3s to lengthy par-5s, these were the best of the best out of the 100+ designs we received during the submission period.

After showcasing each design on along with the Golden Tee Facebook Page—and assessing all the fantastic feedback given—the judges have work to do.

As our prestigious Golden Tee judges look over each design (and its feedback), we encourage you to look over the designs once again for yourself. Later on in this week, we will narrow down the group of ten once more, and accept feedback one more time.

Next Monday, our 2014 Design-a-Hole Champion will be crowned.

Thank you again for all your help. Whether you designed, were picked as a finalist or simply provided daily feedback on each, you’ve been an integral part of this process. And while we’re getting closer and closer to a living, breathing, playable hole in Golden Tee 2014, we’re only getting started.

Here are the finalists, and stay tuned for so much more.

So... who do you think is going to win?

Finalist No.1: The Sandbar (Par 5) by Josk Sokol

Finalist No. 2: Island Green (Par 3) by Gordon Faustich

Finalist No. 3: Stepping Stones (Par-4) by Brian Hill

Finalist No. 4: The Rocky Road (Par-4) by Chad Marion

Finalist No. 5: Mind The Gap (Par-5) by Michael Ryan

Finalist No. 6: Postage Stamp (Par-4) by Chris Rice

Finalist No. 7: The 19th Hole (Par-4) by Jim Little

Finalist No. 8: The Volcano (Par-4) by Stephen Schermerhorn

Finalist No. 9: Declining Options (Par-5) by Andy Hamilton

Finalist No. 10: Round Breaker (Par-5) by Scott Suchy

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