DAH Finalist No. 5: Mind the Gap
A Crafty Par-5 is Next to Get the Design-a-Hole Spotlight

The 2014 Design-a-Hole Finals are upon us, and our DAH judges have narrowed a group of more than 100 down to ten.

Over the next two weeks, we will reveal one finalist each weekday. Once you’ve seen and studied the design, your thoughts are both welcomed and encouraged on the Golden Tee Facebook Page. Our judges will then assess all feedback submitted while reexamining each design, and they will pick a winner in a matter of weeks.

All finalists will walk away with at least a $50 Gift Card, and you will be contacted once all designs have been revealed if your submission has been chosen. Once again, thank you to everyone who spent the time to both create and submit an entry. Narrowing it down was no easy task.

Moving on to our next design, we get to a crafty par-5 with multiple looks and even a description. Click each image to enlarge and also read all about it below.


Mind The Gap (Par-5) by Michael Ryan

Set amongst azaleas and pine trees this par 5 works its way around a lake, and, in traditional golden tee fashion, has a risk/reward shortcut that can get you home in 2.  The less adventurous players can take their birdie and move on.  To do so simply requires a 250-300 yard drive, a 3 wood to the next fairway and then an approach shot ranging anywhere from 100-160 yards to the kidney shaped green that slopes from the water up to the 5 o’clock position (from the overhead view).

For those looking to do better than birdie the option exists to get home in two from all tee boxes.  Using anything from a 9 wood to a 4 wood based on the tee box (215-270 yards) a shot can be cut around the treeless portion of the hillside to the small landing area.  Be mindful of the thick rough and the two sand bunkers as missing the fairway will make it impossible to get across the lake in two.  However, no matter where you land on the fairway your second shot will require some shaping of a 3 hybrid/7 wood (an A-1 or A/B-1 type shot) to “shoot the gap”, cross the lake and land safely on the green some 205 yards away.

Sticking the green will get you the eagle or perhaps the elusive double eagle to make you look good in front of your friends!

What do you think? Share your thoughts on the Golden Tee Facebook Page?

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