Another Path to Perfection: Part Two
First Middle, Then Left and Now Around the Right; the Sequoia 13th Conquered Again

There’s more than one way to tackle the Sequoia Grove 13th.

We learned this last week when a shot around the left side of the giant tree blocking the green surfaced. The typical shot, of course, is to use a low-lofted club and go right through the opening in the tree, although clearly it isn’t the only way.

And now, we’re learning that there is yet another path to the pin.

We’ve seen straight at it, we’ve seen off to the left and now going around the right side is indeed possible. It took Great Shot wizard ‘Damage Inc,’ aka Missouri’s Dan Wies, to figure it out, although at this point we shouldn’t be surprised.

This is what Dan does.

You now have (even) more options.


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