The Closer
Acing the Final Hole is Great, Acing it For a -31 is Something Special

There’s finishing strong, and then there’s doing what Great Shot wiz Damage Inc.—aka Missouri golfer, Dan Wies—did at the end of his round on Coconut Beach.

Hopefully, at some point in your Golden Tee career, you will know the feeling of holing out—or better yet hole-in-one-ing—the 18th for a BIG GT score.

It’s unlikely, however, that your final well-executed shot will ever result in a round like this.

Acing the final hole is one thing, sure, but acing the final hole to cap off your round of -31 is a completely different story. Behold the shot—which is very, very solid—and the round, which is bordering unthinkable.

Golden Tee PGA TOUR 2023
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