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500 Yards Later, A Golden Tee-Like Drive Surfaces on a Real Golf Course

500-yard drives are typically left for Golden Tee, and even then they are a rarity.

In the real golf world, a 500-yard drive is a tale long drive pros tell at banquets, allowing their legend to build. There are, of course, unique exceptions, but rarely do the golf gods provide such fascinating moments (or bounces). The Golden Tee gods don't hand these out often, either.

Golden Tee collided with real golf and got a splash of the absurd at the Ballantine's Championship in Korea on Friday. Louis Oosthuizen’s drive on the first hole went way right, although the cart path decided to have its say.

Oh, did it have its say.

His first tee shot on the 583-yard hole went right around 500 (!!!) yards. Unfortunately, he didn’t even birdie the hole.

He did, however, give us a Golden Tee-like moment, a roller coaster ride of sorts, down the path and towards the green.

Maybe if he uses a high tee with roll next time around it’ll reach.

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