• The ABCs and 123s of GT
    DAH winner Dave Rhoades’ Freaky Friday creation is tomorrow!
  • The Firecracker Freaky
    A series of holes where the score might go BOOM!
  • 18 Holes, 18 Hole-in-One Looks
    This Week's Freaky Friday Celebrates Golden Tee's Par-3s (Again)
  • Freaky Friday travels to Las Vegas
    We’re scrambling up the residential Vegas course, Desert Valley Resort!
  • Cinco de Mayo Celebration!
    This Week's Freaky Friday Embraces Some of the Greatest Fifth Holes Ever Created
  • The Top and Bottom of the World
    Want to Take a Trip to Mount Everest and The Grand Canyon in the Same Round? This Week You Can
  • The West Coast Swing
    For this Week's Freaky Friday, We're Heading Toward the Pacific
  • A MAJOR Friday
    This Week's Freaky Friday Celebrates a Glorious Week in Golf
  • The Daily 1K!
    Our Latest Freaky Friday Celebrates Our 1,000th Daily Contest in Style!
  • We Indeed Broke The Scoreboard
    This is What a 46 Under in Golden Tee Looks Like
  • Another Opportunity to Go Low
    We're Going Back to 2014 This Friday in an Effort to Break More Scoreboards
  • Break The Dang Scoreboard
    This Week's Freaky Friday Promises to Deliver Some of Craziest Scoring the Game Has Ever Seen
  • A Freaky Affair
    From the Great Wall to Lovely Georgia, We're Headed Everywhere This Friday
  • A Day on the Links
    We Across the Pond For the Latest Freaky Friday!
  • Freaky Round
    This is What 10 Holes-in-One in a Game of Golden Tee Looks Like
  • Hit the Links... Literally
    Freaky Friday's All-Links Course Creation Debuts This Friday!
  • Attack Those Pins!
    Today's Freaky Friday is Nothing But Par-3s! You Really Need to Go Play
  • All Par-3s, Again
    This Week's Special #freakyfriday Gives You 18 Cracks at a Hole-in-One
  • Back to 2015 We Go...
    Don't Miss This Week's Score-Friendly Freaky Friday! Live Now!
  • The '15 Scramble
    A Super Score-able, Familiar-ish #FreakyFriday Dive is Coming This Week!
    Do We Need to Give Any Further Hints About This Week's #freakyfriday Theme?
    Want to Know This Week's #freakyfriday theme? Well, There You Have It
  • Let's Get Real, Real Freaky
    Golden Tee's First-Ever All-Reachable Par-4 Course is LIVE on the Daily Contest
  • A Truly Freaky Setup!
    Do Not Miss The First-Ever ALL Drive-able Par-4 Course This Friday!
  • A Year to Remember
    This Week's #freakyfriday Takes Us Back to 2008, One of GT's Boldest Ever
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