The Daily 1K!
Our Latest Freaky Friday Celebrates Our 1,000th Daily Contest in Style!

Here we are, 1,000 days later, celebrating a milestone on the Daily Contest. While mapping out our latest and greatest ideas when it comes to #FreakyFriday, we realized that this Friday, March 31, marked our 1,000th Daily Contest event.

Well, isn’t that just perfect timing?

To celebrate this lovely feature we’re going BIG on the Daily Contest. Our latest Freaky Friday is a simple theme to grasp onto: The Daily 1K. But the day itself promises to be the best of what this game mode has been about.

For starters, we’re tacking on an extra 1K to the prize pool. Done. This Friday, from 12:01 a.m. to 11:59 p.m. central time you can compete for $6,000 in prizes. Now, that’s a big chunk of coin up in the air.

As for the course itself—because Daily 1K doesn’t really get to the meat of the 18 holes—we’re emphasizing the uniqueness and fun that comes with Freaky Friday, highlighting some famous shots over the years. Under trees, through temples, that sort of thing.

Above all, we want to make this fun and SUPER score-able.

And that’s what we have done, as you will see below in our six-hole preview. Enjoy, and be sure to celebrate this milestone on Friday!

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