1st Money$hot Ticket to Worlds Has Been Punched
Only two spots left in the 2017 World Championship.

Last chance to get to Worlds!

All it takes is one shot to change your Golden Tee life forever. And this Friday, you have your LAST CHANCE to make it to the 2017 Golden Tee World Championship.  But before we get to the excitement of this Friday, let’s take a quick look back, shall we?

Last Friday’s Money $hot contest not only had a $380 first place prize, but it guaranteed someone a spot in the 2017 Golden Tee World Championship.  It just so happened to also be the most played Money $hot contest in the history of the addicting game mode!  

By the end of the day, Jeff McClellan took the first place prize of $380 with an amazing distance of 1.658 inches.  At the same time though, it was also the second place finisher’s lucky day.  Since McClellan was already qualified for the World Championship, San Antonio trackballer Gregory Smith’s 2.678 inch shot punched him a ticket to beautiful Las Vegas!  Greg will now join 63 other qualifiers at the 2017 Golden Tee World Championship at Hi Scores Bar-Arcade on May 19-21.

This Friday, the landscape will change again.  And that’s it. Our final opening in Worlds will be filled. 

You only have Money $hot, with a first place prize reaching over $380 and thousands of players vying for the final spot in the World Championship. 

Play in the Golden Ticket Money $hot contest all day this Friday, from 12:00am CST until 11:59pm CST, for your shot last chance to make it to the 2017 Golden Tee World Championship in Las Vegas

It might take you one game, it might take you twenty.  The great thing about Money $hot is that there is no limit to the number of games you can play to win!

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