Hit the Links... Literally
Freaky Friday's All-Links Course Creation Debuts This Friday!

Bring a lob wedge. That seems like a place to begin while explaining our latest Daily Contest Throwback Thursday creation: our all-links course.

Those pot bunkers you find on these courses will be there. As will the tortuous winds. As will those grey skies that our somehow beautiful in a weird, links-y, virtual-golfing way.

We’ve taken some of our favorite designs across four links courses, jumbled them up and put them into one unique 18-hole creation.

Much of what happens next will be up to the Golden Tee Gods. How will the course setup? Will it be easy? Hard? You have to check out the Daily Contest this Friday to find out.

Here you will find all the links fun in one place, and you’ll be able to play this setup as many times as you wish.

It will different, we can promise you that. As for a look at what’s to come, here is our six-hole preview of the upcoming event. See you on Friday.


Golden Tee PGA TOUR 2023
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