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An Absurd Ace in the Finals of the Windy City Open Only Scratches the Surface on What's to Come

There’s plenty more to come on the shot below, trust us on that.

The following YouTube effort took place in the finals of the Windy City Open and it was hit by Houston’s Mark Stenmark. We saw a handful of holes-in-one during these games, although this was clearly this most fascinating of the bunch.

As for Stenmark, well, this game was one for the ages, and we’ll be showing video of the entire round. And despite the gargantuan effort, it was Missouri’s Evan Gossett who took Stenmark down in the next game to win the title. Congrats and Evan on the win, and what a show.

It was an hour unlike anything I’ve seen in GT, which you’ll hear much about this week. For now, enjoy the ace and stay tuned for more.

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