Damage Inc. Strikes Again
Golden Tee’s Mad Scientist Delivers the Goods on Pelican Grove 17

Missouri’s Dan Wies—better known as “Damage Inc.”—has a knack for finding the Golden Tee spotlight.

No player has had more shots featured on or ‘Shots of the Week’ than Wies. He takes risks, pressing the notions of what is and isn’t possible, and he uploads them for the Golden Tee world sot see.

And yes, he’s done it again. Go ahead, act surprised.

Playing on Pelican Grove 17, Wies decided to take another path to the par-5 green. Why go up and over when you can go around? Adding to the intrigue, why go around when you can throw a skip into the equation to up the difficulty level?

The end result is an absurd double eagle and an early Shot of the Year candidate. For Damage Inc., however, I suppose it’s just more of the same at this point.

Golden Tee PGA TOUR 2023
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