What's in Your Bag?
As We Prep For Bottomless Bag Weekend, We're Crowdsourcing Equipment Options

By now, you’ve probably heard of our Bottomless Bag weekend that will go live on 9 AM on Friday and will run 9 AM the following Monday.

All clubs, balls and tees in Golden Tee 2014 will be unlocked for the weekend, meaning you’ll have the chance to try out all the equipment options you desire regardless of whether you own them. (You’ll also be able to dump as many golf balls as you want for the weekend because we’re picking up the tab).

That’s the easy part. All equipment is at your disposal. The tough part is determining which options you want to take advantage of on a particular course and finding the clubs and balls that suit your game.

Of course, by now you’ve already been through this process. Maybe you’re even comfortable with certain clubs and balls on a given course. But what about changing it up, using this time to figure out if there’s something out there that best suits your game.

That’s what we’re using this thread for, a crowdsourcing exercise to determine the clubs and balls used on a particular course. Perhaps an option you use will suit someone else. OR, maybe you’ll get an idea to try a different combination and your game will benefit immensely.

Be sure to check out the available clubs and balls in Golden Tee 2014, and list your preferences below.

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