Bottomless Bag Weekend is LIVE!
Unlimited Balls, Clubs and Tees Until Monday! Go Play!

Golden Tee’s arrays of options are now at your fingertips. Bottomless Bag Weekend is open and ready for business.

All clubs, balls and tees are on us until 9 AM on Monday. All equipment has been unlocked—meaning you can try out clubs and balls if you haven’t before—and you’ll have an unlimited supply to go through. Use as many tees as you please and dump as many golf balls in the hazard as your heart desires. (Okay, maybe the second part isn’t the best idea. But hey, it’s your weekend).

Have a blast, test out equipment options and take advantage of this unique three-day stretch.

On Monday, all equipment quantities and availability will return to normal. Before then, however, the virtual pro shop is yours. 

Golden Tee PGA TOUR 2023
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