The Bottomless Bag Weekend!
Use It - Don't Lose It! All GT Equipment Unlocked Next Weekend

Every club, every ball, every tee—all free—for one weekend.

Welcome to the Bottomless Bag promotion, a three-day demo of all the magnificent equipment options Golden Tee 2014 has to offer. At 9 AM on Friday, January 24, players will be able to test out all available options in the game: all sets of clubs, all golf balls and even all Golden Tees will be accessible for three full days.

You won’t lose balls if you find the hazard, and you’ll have an unlimited amount of Golden Tees at your disposal. You’ll also be able to experiment with all the different club sets available in the game regardless if you've purchased them before. The promotion will last until 9 AM on Monday, January 27. At that point, every player’s equipment inventory is returned to where it was before the promotion began.

“Golden Tee LIVE 2014 offers a dozen different balls, 12 different club sets and packs of golden tees that can add a whole new dimension to the game,” said Jim Zielinski, Golden Tee’s master course designer and co-inventor of the GT franchise. “Experimenting with various equipment combinations will help players understand the dynamics of each course and potentially improve their game, giving them a better, fuller play experience.”

If you’re an experienced player with a vast knowledge of the equipment, enjoy a weekend of virtual balls and tees on us. If you’re new to the equipment scene and have never experimented with the feature before, this is the weekend to test it out. Who knows, you might find a combination that completely changes your virtual golfing game for good.

To pick your equipment for the round, hit the Options button before hitting your first shot on Hole 1. Select which set of clubs and golf ball you’d like to use and you’re all set. An unlimited supply of Golden Tees will also be handy, and these can be accessed simply by hitting the Start button on the tee box.

Want to see which equipment options are right for you? Check out the available clubs and balls on to figure out what suits your game most.

Clear the calendar and get ready to empty the bag next weekend. The best part? It will keep filling right up, and it won’t cost you a thing!

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