What Could’ve Been
A Ridiculous Shot That Just Missed Out on Ending the Shot of the Year Debate Early

Let me start by saying this: had the shot below found its way into the cup, it would have been a strong contender and an overwhelming favorite for Shot of the Year. With that said, it didn’t go in and we’re now left wondering about the shot that could have been.

Still, though. HOLY COW.

The Royal Cove 9th is a tricky green to stick, and players have shown their resourcefulness by flying, skipping and managing their way to the short stuff in a variety of different ways. One of those ways is as follows, and it includes using one of the various wooden posts situated around the green as a backboard of sorts.

Just like that dude in your rec league, there’s absolute new way he called “bank” here. That doesn’t make it any less awesome.

Oh, if this went in…

Golden Tee PGA TOUR 2023
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