Design-a-Hole 2013: Tough Decisions Ahead
You’ve Seen the Ten Finalists, Now It’s Time For the Judges to Decide

Over the past few weeks, all ten of the 2013 Design-a-Hole finalists were revealed one day at a time. Upon their release, each design was posted on Facebook, and fans of the game passed along likes, dislikes and “constructive” criticism for each par-3, 4 and 5.

Now, it’s the judges’ turn to jump in once again. Using their original assessments of these designs and the feedback of those that participated, our prestigious GT group will select our 2013 Design-a-Hole champion. This design will immediately get the GT treatment from course designer Jim Zielinski, and our winner will also receive their very own Golden Tee Home Edition.

The stakes are high, and the decisions will NOT be easy. They will use this week to look through everything and next week (at some point) we will have our 2012 Design-a-Hole Champion.

Missed out on one or all of the DAH finalists? If so, check them out below and be sure to stay tuned for more!

Design-a-Hole Finalist #1: Jungle Gem

Design-a-Hole Finalist #2: Parabolic Dunes

Design-a-Hole Finalist #3: Stairway River

Design-a-Hole Finalist #4: Fork in the Hole

Design-a-Hole Finalist #5: Ocean Spillway

Design-a-Hole Finalist #6: The Ancient Ruins

Design-a-Hole Finalist #7: Stepping Stones

Design-a-Hole Finalist #8: Damp Dreams

Design-a-Hole Finalist #9: The Sand Dune

Design-a-Hole Finalist #10: The Longshoreman

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