How Do You Stack Up?
Everything You Need to Know About the New Golden Tee World Rankings

Competition is what drives Golden Tee.

Whether you’re playing against the best players in the world in a LIVE contest or you’re trying to beat a buddy just for a beer or bar bragging rights, the competitive nature of the game has been the driving force over the past twenty-three years. Starting October 1st, the game will get yet another infusion of competition thanks to the Golden Tee World Rankings.

If you’ve always wanted to see how your virtual golf game stacks up, now you have that chance. Each month, your best scores on the five new 2012 courses will be put up against every Golden Tee player on the planet. When it’s time to flip the calendar, the rankings will refresh and you’ll have an opportunity to improve your positioning from the previous month.

To be included in the Golden Tee World Rankings, all you have to do is play each 2012 course once in a given month. Easy as that, five games and you’re in. Once you’ve met these requirements, your name and five-game average score will then be placed on the online leaderboard as well as on the game at payment screen.

You can improve your monthly ranking by beating your high score on each course throughout that month. This means a bad game won’t alter your ranking whatsoever and your scores can only improve. The online leaderboard will update at least twice a day, so tune into LIVEWIRE to see how your scores compare.

In the event that your overall score is tied, Great Shot Points will serve as the tiebreaker to finalize your position. And if both score AND GSPs are all square, we will use Golden Tee Points as the next tiebreaker. We doubt it’ll ever get to that, but you never know.

For a more detailed look at your information for that month, you can click on your name for a full rundown of your top scores and the dates these rounds were shot. From here, you can also post these results on Facebook and Twitter.

If you’re trying to track down your current placement on the leaderboard, just type in your Persona ID at the top of the Golden Tee World Rankings home page, and you’ll be located on the leaderboard.

On October 1st, the game will change for good. Find a 2012 game near you and play each of the new courses at least once – like you weren’t going to do that anyway. Check back to see your Golden Tee World Ranking!

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