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The Surplus of Superb Shots on 2012 Makes This the Most Jam-Packed Feature to Date

There’s no doubt about it, this is the best YouTube showcase we’ve ever had and it’s not even close.

For those of you familiar with our monthly YouTube feature, we’ve decided to change things up for the month of September because of the insane amount of 2012 shots that have been uploaded in the first week alone.

While plenty of these shots were hit during September a few carried over into early October. Simply put, some of these efforts are too good to wait until early November to share. We’ll return to our normal monthly best features once we turn the calendar once again, but for now we’re giddy over what we’re seeing early on in the 2012 era. There are more shots included below than any other monthly article we’ve ever done. We’ve also included a handful of shots that don’t go into the cup but are certainly worthy of a spot as you’ll see.

Without further adieu, here are the best Golden Tee Great Shots from the month of September (and a little carry over from October).


What could possibly be interesting about a drive that doesn’t land on the green and barely misses the hazard? Well, this.

This hole is a toughie, no doubt about it. It’s also A LOT easier when tackled like this.

Very little room for error, this is how you drain the Royal Cove 18th.

One of the first of many ice-aided holes-in-one in 2012. EXACTLY how he drew it up.

If this one went in it would’ve likely been Shot of the Month/Year/Century. Unreal.

If you were curious as to whether the 11th hole at Royal Cove was drivable, we have your answer below.

Remember that comment about the ice above? Well, yea, exhibit B.

The par-3 17th on Grand Canyon is one of 2012’s biggest obstacles. Here’s one way to tackle it.

22 seconds of Tundra joy. [cues everyone’s favorite Vanilla Ice song]

The first Super Albatross on Golden Tee 2012.

My goodness. Just watch.

Our first 2012 Shot of the Month is fantastic. While many of these moments are superb because of a fortunate bounce or two (or three), this shot was very much intentional and could be something you try in the near future.

What a month it was. As always, keep 'em coming and stay tuned to for so much more.

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