Halfway Point
A Look at the Golden Tee World Rankings Two Weeks In

After 14 days, more than 9,000 players have played at least one game on each Golden Tee 2012 course and acquired a Golden Tee World Ranking. And while this number is growing by the day, you can expect a dramatic increase in leaderboard pages as November nears.

As for the top of the leaderboard, well, the scores are impressive to say the least! Houston’s Mark Stenmark is the top overall shooter with the month halfway complete with an average score of -27.80. This, of course, includes this first –30 of the year on Auburn Glen.

Minnesota native Andy Fox is right on his heels with a score of –27.40, and then there’s a cast of talented characters at –27.20. Currently, Ohio’s Andy Haas is ranked third because he has the most Great Shot Points - the tiebreaker for the rankings - out of the bunched group.

For those of you new to this online feature, getting your GT World Ranking is easy. Simply play each 2012 course once (five games total) and you’ll get a leaderboard ranking online. Your best game on each course will be averaged to give you an overall score. This means your ranking will improve throughout the month if you beat your monthly course best.

At the end of the month we’ll reset the rankings and you’ll have a chance to beat your previous month’s score.

To find yourself on the online leaderboard, simply type in your Persona ID, aka the number on the front of your Golden Tee Players Card, and you’ll be taken to the page where you’re currently ranked. If you are playing with a credit card or are unaware of your Persona ID you can find it on home page after logging into your web account. You’ll also be able to see your current ranking in the upper right corner of the payment screen once you check in.

We plan to add more search options into the Golden Tee World Rankings in the near future, and we’ll be sure to alert you once they go live.

Where do you rank? Play your games, improve your position and stay tuned to see where things finish up in October!

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