Leaderboard Makeover
A New Look and Contest History Galore – Check out the New and Improved GT World Rankings

The new and improved Golden Tee World Rankings Online Leaderboard is now LIVE on!

These changes – which we alluded to just a short time ago – will enhance your experience when visiting the on-site feature, which you’ll likely do a lot more of going forward.

We’ve added some sparkles to the header, which will now change each time we turn the calendar to a new month. More important than the sparkles, however, is the functionality, which has also received a massive upgrade.

The missing ingredient of the GT World Rankings Leaderboard up until this point had been the inability to access statistics and finishes from past months. This is no longer the case, and we’ve added the ability to search past monthly contests on the upper right side of the leaderboard.

Just select the month you’d like to revisit, search for your persona and see how you’ve progressed (we hope you’ve progressed) since then.

The process for being included on the leaderboard remains the exact same: play each 2012 course once in a month, and you’re set. Your five best scores from each course will then be averaged to give you your overall ranking. A bad game won’t hurt your ranking, and one really solid game can help it a great deal.

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