GT World Rankings Getting an Upgrade
A New Look and Archived Contests Are On the Way

The Golden Tee World Rankings leaderboard is set to undergo a substantial overhaul, and trust us, you’re going to dig the new changes.

From a participation standpoint, nothing is changing. Your best score on each 2012 course will still average together to give you your overall ranking. Just play five online games (one each new course) and you’ll have a ranking that will show up in the online leaderboard and on the game. Same as always.

The look of the leaderboard, however, is getting a facelift. The online leaderboard will now have a new header that will change from month to month to celebrate that time of the year. Although a nicer looking landing spot is no doubt welcomed, it’s not the big change taking place.

While the GT World Rankings have only provided access to the current month’s ranking up until this point, you’ll now be able to search any month dating to last October. Having each monthly rank at your fingertips will allow you to go back and see how you’ve progressed, and it’ll also give us the opportunity to provide some end of the year awards.

You can expect the changes to go through later on this week – just in time for July 1st – and we’ll pass along a heads up once they're live.

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