Feelin’ Just Grand
The Latest Super Albatross on the Grand Canyon 16th is One Worth Watching

We’ve seen this shot before, although this is no doubt one of the rarest aces in Golden Tee 2012.

The Grand Canyon 16th is a par-5 you’ve likely tried a bit of everything on. Ricochets and big curves are somewhat of a regular occurrence, although the granddaddy of all ricochet attempts doesn’t necessarily have a high success rate.

The setup has to be right, the wind has to accurately craft your shot once it’s in the air and you have to stick the green if/when you’ve made it over. It’s risky, although when it actually works it’s a thing of beauty.

Take this latest shot (which will soon find its way onto the game for Shot of the Week), courtesy of Chicago's Graig Kinzler. As always, we provide our "DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME OK DO BUT DON'T GET MAD WHEN YOUR VIRTUAL BALL GOES SPLASH" disclaimer.

Golden Tee PGA TOUR 2023
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